Mosaic Career Fair

By Jeff Ward
April 11, 2023

Excitement was in the air at Mosaic as students had the opportunity to participate in the return of our traditional Career Fair. The event, held on March 30, was organized by our wonderful school counselors, Ms. Zinn and Ms. Rowland, to introduce students to a wide range of career options and inspire them to start thinking about their future aspirations.

students with storm water ecologists

The Career Fair featured representatives from various industries, including healthcare, education, technology, engineering, and law enforcement. Each representative had a display table set up, complete with informative brochures, interactive exhibits, and hands-on activities related to their field. The students had the chance to ask questions, try out equipment, and learn about the education and skills required to pursue a particular career. "The presenters did an amazing job demonstrating their careers and having hands-on/interactive displays for our students," said Ms. Rowland. "Students were excited to speak with the presenters to learn more about the different careers. My favorite part was seeing how animated the students were as they went from booth to booth."

students with air force rep at career fair

The Career Fair was a valuable experience for the students, as it gave them a glimpse into the working world and helped them to see the connection between their education and future careers. They were encouraged to think about their strengths and interests and how they could apply them in different fields.

students at career fair

When asked why she thinks the Career Fair is an important experience, Ms. Rowland said, "I think it is important to start career exploration early. This allows students to learn about different professions as well as see the Portrait of a Graduate traits in action. Students had the opportunity to hear how skills such as being a communicator and collaborator help professionals in their daily lives. It also helps highlight their own strengths and talents and identify how math, science, art, language arts, etc. can help them in their future."

students with doctor at career fair

"A world outside of our school awaits these students," says Ms. Zinn. "This event provides them with an opportunity to gain exposure to a variety of careers, learn about themselves, and realize their potential." 

At Mosaic Elementary, we believe that it’s never too early to start dreaming big and planning for the future. The Career Fair was just one of the ways we are working to inspire and prepare our students for success. We look forward to continuing to support our students as they explore their passions and pursue their dreams.